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After a nice little hiatus, the website is back with a new look and... less content?


DVDs are Back

With less info!

While my DVD list was my most used link for personal reference, there was a lot of extra info collected that wasn't really useful. So now, it really is just a glorified list!

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Workshop Games is no more.

The print and play files for Zombie Mall have been moved from the no-longer-active Workshop Games website over to Dropbox.

Zombie Mall
Zombie Mall Downloads

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Update Windows Update To Update Windows


This past week there was a big hullaballoo to patch all versions of Windows to prevent a security hole available through websites embedding fonts (I'm embedding 2 or 3 right now, so if you're on Windows and haven't updated I can do all kinds of nasty things to you - I've just sold your first born to make my house payment, thank you very much).

I don't update my desktop computer. There have been more problems with random updates than any noticed fixes, so I turned off updates a long time ago. I don't do things I'm not supposed to with my computer - I don't download pirated software or movies, the websites I visit are generally safe - and as I use my computer for software development I generally don't want 3rd parties mucking about with settings and interjecting problems that I would have to track down as something I did. This happened on my government contracting computer and Visual Studio once upon a time. There was a VS update that broke our code. Royal pain in the taint.

Sorry, I've been fighting a lot of code of late and it skews my language toward the less publicly acceptable. I should go back change that. taint nethers. Yes, much better.

Embedded font exploits sound dangerous, so I took it upon myself to update Windows. When I went to do so, I was greeted with the above:

To check for updates, you must first install an update for Windows Update.

I laughed at that for minutes.

If there's no option for Windows Update to do anything without updating itself first, just do it. Without the update, Windows Update is a Message Box Display, that would forevermore display the above message. If I'm running Windows Update, I want to update Windows. If updating the Updater is the first step, go right ahead.

After updating the Updater, I was able to successfully update Windows without incident. I also received no more messages about updating things to be updated.

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