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Newer Remote

In August I dug out an old (2008) universal remote to replace an even older (2007) remote that had finally died, or at least died enough that it was more of a pain to use than I was willing to tolerate. Right before Christmas, both that (2008) remote and the even newer (2009) version of the old (2007) remote stopped cooperating.

I guess 6-9 years is a good life for a universal remote? I liked my remotes, mainly the convenience of being able to program them online versus fumbling with codes on the remote that may or may not work. While I'm sure there are plenty of remotes that can be programmed this way these days, I tend to stick with what I know, so I went to the Logitech site to see what remotes they now offered.

My remotes were long out of production, but they still fetch a premium price on eBay. My Logitech 880 (the 2007 and 2009 remotes) were listed above $200. That makes me feel like I got my money's worth out of my original purchase! But I want a new remote. Having looked at the options, I decided on the Harmony One Ultimate. Having looked at the price, I thought about it some more.

Enter eBay. One of my original Logitech remotes was a refurbished model I bought through eBay. I scouted and saw similar deals for the Harmony One. Even better, one of the sellers was Newegg.com, who I've dealt with before. Refurbs are substantially cheaper and the warranty they offered made it worth the risk, so I placed an order and began to wait patiently for my parcel to arrive.
Arrive it did! I plugged the remote into the PC and set everything up. The interface is simpler than what I'm used to - most of the options/buttons that I'm used to are gone. I set up my main activities on the living room and bedroom tvs and I was off to the races.

The only option(s) I miss so far are customizing the order in which button/features appear. The is countered with how much better the one-touch activities are handled (I always had to switch between devices on the old remote when changing volume and watching a movie, but I think I just never set it up correctly).

Now to see if this one will last until 2022.
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