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DealNews Day 1

Today was day 1 of employment at DealNews, my first job with a commercial (non-government contracted) job since 2003. I was ready for a non-government contracted job, at least in spirit. Today was not a typical sit around filling out paperwork and reading day. Today was instead a hands-on, this is how things work day. The job description advertises that you'll likely roll out code to the production site on your first day, and that's just what happened. Granted, the code consisted of 2 lines that I basically copied from another file, but the meat of this was learning the process by which to to make the change, commit the file(s), and have everything smoothly go live.

Smoothly may not have been the best word choice, but nothing broke on the live site!

The hard part of this job, at least from my first-day perspective, will be getting used to navigating using a Mac and running command line Linux again. For the first time since 1997 I ran vi to edit a file and after a couple of foggy attempts at how to enable editing the text file and saving changes, I slowly remembered a couple of commands. Granted, I'll seldom use vi, but I had to edit a 4-line file on a server that I'm not real sure how I was connected, so my gui options for getting to the file were limited.

I'll most likely forget a lot of what I learned today by the time I wake up. Instead of taking the detailed notes that I enjoy referring back to, I was instead following along and blindly typing to keep up most of the time. near the end of the afternoon things slowed down enough I could ask my stupid questions about how some things worked, and those answers will likely keep a little longer. Still, I took in a whooooole lot of info today.

I liked today though. It was a long day (I haven't worked a 8-9 hour work day in a long time!), but I enjoyed it. More importantly, I'm looking forward to going back in the morning.

I've gotta fit in some note taking so I can remember more of this stuff though.
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