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Workshop Games Begone

For some reason it's hard to let old websites die. Once you go through the impossible task of finding a domain name that isn't taken, but still close to a combination of words you want, there's a certain pride in ownership of that name. Plus, if I thought of a name it's only a matter of time before someone else thinks of it, and I hate being the person that thinks of a name after it's been taken.

I registered russellmania.com in August of 1999. Most of the search engine hits are looking for
  • Russell Wilson - since winning the Super Bowl in 2014.
  • Russell Crowe - I guess it'd make a perfect fan site.
  • Jack Russell Terriers - at one time they had russellmania.org.
  • A 2001 episode of NYPD Blue.
When I've had a domain for 15+ years, the odds are good I'm going to hold on to it until I will it on to WWE Jason. Honestly, he asked for it.

In Feb 2013 I started another website on a lark. I had been working on my Zombie Mall boardgame and wondering where to host the files. Over on Board Game Geek a flame war (of sorts) had started thanks to Games Workshop trying to enforce their copyright of the term "Space Marine" against an author who was using the term in a way which had nothing to do with the Games Workshop universe. Games Workshop is universally hated among the hardcore board gaming sect that doesn't play Games Workshop games because they're quick to jump on anyone close to threatening, abusing, or using their intellectual property. Intellectual property is how they make money, so you can't really blame them - Steve Jackson does it all the time.

The smart ass in me was poking around and noticed the hyphen in the http://www.games-workshop.com/ domain. I wondered if "workshop-games" was taken. It wasn't! $15 later I had a new domain name with which to host my Zombie Mall files. I made sure that the website in no way resembled the Games Workshop site, not did it even mention them. Now I could wave my finger in the face of he British gaming jugernaut when they claimed I was infringing on their name.

They never showed their face. Poopheads.

In the interim I played around with some more up-to-date design methods than I had been using at work (or even on this site). I added a download tracker so I could see what files were be downloaded, and to what countries!

Over time, the site became more of a chore and infringed on the fun I was having putting together my boardgame rules and pieces. After enough time, I got to the point where I didn't really want to make more game rules. It was becoming a chore I didn't even want to do.

When the domain came up for renewal in 2015 I decided to let it lapse. I moved the files to Dropbox where anyone interested could still download the files, the files I hand't touched in almost a year. I updated links on Board Game Geek to point to the new locations. And now I've no longer got a domain to worry about keeping up to date or hogging up loads of bandwidth.

But it's not easy to just let it go. Even though I've left it alone for a year. Maybe this is what it's like when the kids move out?
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