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It's an odd feeling when you're sitting in a job interview and hear through the phone "I'm looking at russellmania.com now..." without suddenly feeling very paranoid of what random trains of thought have made it here since 1999.

Granted, the site's been redone a few times so whatever content existed 15 years ago is gone, but since 2008 the content has been fairly consistent.

If nothing else interviewers will get a sense of my true self by reading here. Wrestling-watching board-game-playing gastric-sleeved-walking movie-collecting nerd. I think that sums me up pretty well. None of that has anything to do with prospective work, though. I'm still sticking to that summation regardless.
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 What We're Playing
What's happening on the Widgey front.

Eschewing the Widgey rankings and standings, Lord Ford deems that we will play games! Jerry leaves the continental United States, and over the course of 3 days we play 8 games.

Last Game: July 4th-ish, 2014: Lord Fords Week of Games

 DVD Latest Additions
To my evergrowing movie collection, I add the following to my online catalog...

Space Station 76

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Europa Report

3 Musketeers

Object Of My Affection

Poseidon Adventure
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 Revolver Maps
It's a hit counter. But pretty.
Just a little widget that looked fun to play with from RevolverMaps