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More Painting

After a couple of months, or at least it's felt like a couple of months, I can now say I've finished painting my latest batch of Dust Tactics/Warfare minis.

Axis Battle Grenadiers

My first painting project was the basic starter set, which has 3 Allies squads + a walker along with 4 Axis squads + a walker. Point-wise they're even although there's an extra Axis squad. The only drawback is that thanks to the requirements of how to make platoons, there's not much variety in how to mix up those squads when playing.

Axis Recon Grenadiers

That made my first follow-up project to paint some extra Allies squads, after making sure what I picked would fit into some legal platoon(s). This led to doing the same with extra Axis squads.

Axis Panzer Killers

Now I've got enough troops to mix it up a little. I still haven't played this game. I only hope I have as much fun eventually playing as I have getting ready to play.
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