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I switched over to using Logitech Harmony remotes (evidently) in 2007. I was tired of having, at a minimum, 3 remotes laying around for the TV, receiver, and DVD player. The benefit of the Harmony remotes over others of the time was that the Harmony was programmed via the internet so that it wouldn't become obsolete as new electronics came to market. Instead of punching in a PIN to program the remote to work with the TV I now had, only to hope my future TV would have an equivalent PIN, Logitech just updates drivers on their website and everything magically works.

The 880 was my first remote which I thoroughly enjoyed. Around my birthday soon thereafter the 1000 was on sale which had more of a tricorder feel. I used the 880 in for the bedroom TV and the 1000 for the living room TV. The problem was that the 1000 was not suited for couch surfing as the device + button layout don't lend for 1-handed channel surfing. So after a while I picked up another 880. That was almost 4 years ago.

One of the 880s is starting to show it's age. It's been dropped a couple of times. Pieces of plastic have fallen out. In fact, there's something rattling around in it now. It still works, it just feels like I have to press buttons longer, and sometimes harder, than I need to in order to get it working.

I don't channel surf on the living room TV any more. The majority of time I do anything on that TV, I'm playing Grand Theft Auto 5. Every once in a while I'll watch a DVD. Gone are the days of living room 1-handed channel flipping, so I pulled the Harmony 1000 out of the drawer I had tossed it into years ago, charged it up, and updated it through the Logitech site. Now I've got a 6 year old remote that feels new in the living room.

I could probably download an app for some iDevice that would do the same thing, but I like having a dedicated remote.
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